8 Wedding Style Trends We Love Right Now

by Anja Winikka
  1. 1. Terrarium centerpieces

    photo by Devon Jarvis / The Knot

    Instead of showing off lush arrangements atop towering candelabras or spilling out over claw-footed vessels, floral designers are covering up centerpieces. Glassing in the blooms, with apothecary jars and domed cloches of varying sizes and shapes, creates a dynamic (and conversation-friendly) tablescape. These table toppers work best in clusters, with just a few bright blooms surrounded by greenery inside each one, for a fresh, elegant look. Styling by Poppies & Posies

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  2. 2. DJing a song at your own wedding

    photo by Our Labor Of Love / The Knot

    The latest way to put a personal "spin" on the day: DJing at your own wedding. We're not talking about hooking up your iPod to speakers. This trend is more on par with taking lessons to choreograph your first dance. But instead, to-be-weds are taking classes to create custom mashups and prepare for bride-vs.-groom turntable battles.

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  3. 3. Apps with attitude

    photo by Cappy Hotchkiss Photography / The Knot

    When it comes to memorable menus, your guests will very likely recall a fabulous-looking display before they remember what foods it featured. Be creative -- instead of in a bowl, serve soup in tall shooter glasses. This works with even the simplest foods: Have fries served in paper cones, or tacos made mini and passed around on sleek white trays.

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  4. 4. Raising the bar

    photo by Courtesy of the Manufacturers / The Knot

    Move over, martinis; the new drink of choice is beer -- specifically, craft brews -- and glassmakers are responding with specialized beer glass sets. Offer specialty beers on trays at your cocktail hour, or ask your caterer about serving mini beer flights during dinner. (This is also a great idea for the rehearsal dinner!)

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  5. 5. Couture chairs

    photo by Devon Jarvis / The Knot

    Ceremony and reception seats are getting special treatment, with custom covers featuring silk ruffles, streamer-like ribbons and sheer patterns in style right now. Here, a sheer floral-embroidered custom cover by Nuage Designs transforms a plain white chiavari chair into a decor element that helps bring out the romantic look of the day.

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  6. 6. Chic lounges

    photo by John Russo Weddings / The Knot

    To freshen up your reception space, swap standard rounds for a more eye-catching assortment of different table shapes and sizes. Rent plush couches and a mix of glass coffee tables and sleek tall tables to create a lounge-like vibe for your cocktail hour.

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  7. 7. Custom confections

    photo by Philip Ficks / The Knot

    To-be-weds are putting the focus back on flavor, serving confections that taste as good as they look. The secret: flavored fondant. Sure, fondant has a rep for not tasting so great, but with inventive new flavors -- melon, chocolate cherry, tutti-frutti, coffee mocha and even buttercream-flavored fondant (seriously!) -- entering the picture, it's giving buttercream a run for its money. Are you drooling yet?

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  8. 8. Champagne coupe glasses

    photo by Devon Jarvis / The Knot

    Stay ahead of the curve with this new trend in stemware: the coupe, or saucer, style. Yes, the iconic tall, narrow toasting flute is getting a makeover. Look into renting coupe glasses for the champagne toast (to really wow, how about a champagne tower?). Otherwise, add a pair of delicate coupe glasses to your cake table for your toast -- and to use on your anniversary for years to come.

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