Color Crush: Red, White and Blue

This 4th of July palette added some primary colors that we didn't see coming.
by Andrea Fowler
4th of July wedding color inspiration
Jen Lynne Photography

Why we love it:

The color palette of red, white and blue Independence Day weddings usually don't stray much from the patriotic colors of the flag. You'd think that adding in more colors would be a distraction from the Americana palette, but dashes of yellow and orange just added to the fun. And speaking of fun, can we talk about that Francesca Miranda wedding gown? The blue floral print was pulled into other details in the day like the ceremony program and the groom's bow tie. (Love!)

Why it works:

Primary colors (red, yellow and blue) are friends, which means that they can be mixed to create secondary colors that can still live in harmony with the palette. In this case, orange and purple are brought into the mix. The result? A totally chic wedding with a hint of whimsical garden charm and Fourth of July flavor.

Colorful wedding invitation with watercolor calligraphy
Jen Lynne Photography

Bridesmaids with colorful bouquets
Jen Lynne Photography

Colorful bridesmaid bouquet with yellow, red, orange and purple
Jen Lynne Photography

Bride and groom celebrating 4th of July wedding
Jen Lynne Photography

Blue and white ceremony program
Jen Lynne Photography

Colorful reception table centerpieces and candle decor
Jen Lynne Photography

4th of July wedding inspiration
Jen Lynne Photography

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