Quiz: What Kind of Cook Are You?

Stock your kitchen with registry essentials tailored to your cooking style.
by Samantha Reichstein
woman shopping at farmer's market holding coffee

They say you are what you eat—but we’d take it one step further: You are what you cook (or, um, don’t cook). After all, whether you’re an all-star baker, a wannabe chef or a takeout savant, it says a lot about your overall lifestyle and the type of gear you’ll need in your kitchen. So if you’re ready to register, take our quiz to find out what type of cook you are, plus the Cuisinart products that’ll help you get your favorite meals on the table.

The Knot and Cuisinart have partnered to bring you Registry for Real Life, a sponsored series showcasing real-life tips to getting everything you want (and more!) from the registry process. To check out more awesome products, visit Cuisinart.com.

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