5 Mod Registry Essentials for Decluttering (Scan It Saturdays)

by Jamie Miles

Let's fast-forward past the wedding when you and your new husband or wife start your lives together. The stuff that was “yours" you're suddenly calling “ours" and two apartments or homes may suddenly become one! When registering, keep in mind you'll need help re-organizing your life as you make room for the two of you. Here, some essentials to consider.


Pots and pans take up tons of storage space. To clear up clutter, mount this pot rack under your shelf to keep the cooking essentials close, but out of your not-so-spacious cabinets.
Double Shelf Wall Hanging Pot Rack, $40-54, Target.com

Get rid of the stacked books lining your window sills. Layer novels on their sides and stick this skinny bookcase in the corner for cool neon décor and a quick room reorganization.
Array Yellow Bookcase, $189, CB2.com

Color-coded plastic storage boxes are crucial to organizing your papers, stationery, holiday greeting cards and more. The bright colors make them easy to identify and allow you to label exactly what you file away so you can easily find it later.
Whitmor Document Boxes, $20, Macys.com

Quadruple your closet space with these space-saving “neatfreak" pants hangers. You can hang up to 4 pairs of pants on these no-slip, slim profile hangers making room for even more pairs!
Neatfreak Pants Hangers, $10, Macys.com

This collapsible basket stores blankets, pillows and any other essentials you want on hand in your home. The best part? It folds for easy storage when you don't want to display it.
Collapsible Wire Basket, $40, CB2.com

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