Wedding Family Matters: Wedding Proposal at My Wedding Reception?


My cousin recently called me and asked if her brother could propose to his girlfriend during my wedding reception. I do not want them to do this, but they don't seem to understand that I am saying no. How do I make it clear that I'm opposed to the idea?


Sounds like either your negative reception to the idea was unclear when you spoke to your cousin, or that she chose to ignore it. Either way you'll have to straighten things out immediately, so give her a call, or -- even better -- go right to the source and call her brother and talk to him about how you feel (after all, he's the one who wants to do the proposing!). While you didn't state your specific reasons for being opposed to the proposal, it's likely that you don't want your big day to be upstaged by a second big event after all your hard work and anticipation. Try to look at it this way: While it is totally understandable that you would rather not share the spotlight in this manner, the fact that your cousin sees your wedding as the perfect romantic spot to ask his love to marry him is quite an honor, and can be taken as a compliment. His proposal -- if timed properly, say after you've cut your cake, had your first dance, thrown your bouquet, etc -- could be a wonderful moment for your whole family to share, making your big day that much more memorable.

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