Remarriage: How to Include Children in Wedding Ceremony?

by The Knot

I'm divorced with three children, girls ages 16 and 14 and a boy, 10. I'm engaged to a wonderful, supportive man who truly loves me and my kids. I feel it's important to involve the kids in the wedding. My fiance has never been married, and wants a very traditional wedding. (I think I'd much rather elope!) How can we involve the kids directly, without being tacky?


It's never tacky to include your kids in your wedding, no matter how traditional an affair it is! All three of your children could stand up in the wedding as junior attendants. Or have them each read something during the ceremony. They could even escort you down the aisle, symbolically giving you and your fiance their blessing. No matter how you decide to involve them in the ceremony, consider doing a special vow exchange or family prayer/reading right after you exchange marriage vows, in which your new husband promises to love and care for them, and you all reinforce your new family ties together.

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