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Dressing the Ring Bearers

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12 Adorable Ring Bearer Signs

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7 Gifts Ideas Your Ring Bearer Will Love

How to Keep Kids Entertained—and Well Behaved—at Your Wedding

17 of the Sweetest Flower Girls and Ring Bearers We've Ever Seen

Who's Who in the Wedding Party

Why You Won’t Regret Inviting Kids to Your Wedding

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Ring Bearer Duties in Detail

Wedding Reception Etiquette: Where to Seat Flower Girl and Ring Bearer at Wedding Reception?

Where do the children who are in the wedding party sit at the wedding reception? Should it be with the bridal party, or with their parents? What if one of their parents is in the wedding party?

Wedding Child Attendants: Can Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Be the Only Kids at Wedding Reception?

My fiance and I are getting married next year, and I want my two little cousins to be ring bearers and one of his nieces to be a flower girl. However, I want to have an adults only wedding reception. Can the children in my wedding party be there without the rest of the wedding guests being upset about it?

Wedding Child Attendants: Who Pays for Flower Girl Dress and Who Pays for Ring Bearer Tux?

Is the bride expected to pay for the flower girl and ring bearer's attire?