5 Charming Proposal Stories from Michigan Couples

Michigan-based to-be-weds share the sweet stories that led them to "I do."
by Rachel Sylvester
  1. Hayley & Chad

    Grand Rapids

    With a ring in his pocket and an umbrella in hand, Chad convinced a hesitant Hayley to venture out to a Grand Haven pier during a thunderstorm. But by the time the couple walked the length of the pier, they noticed that the impending storm had set the stage for one of the most scenic sunsets they'd ever seen. “I could feel his heart beating like crazy, so I asked if he was feeling okay," Hayley says. It was then that Chad popped the question. “I told her I was about to do something that'd make us remember that sunset for the rest of our lives," he says. The ring: S. Silverberg Finer Jewelers

  2. Veronica & David

    ann arbor engagement photos
    Jess & Nat Studios

    Ann Arbor

    Fellow teachers Veronica and David were in the middle of an outdoor hike when the two stopped to fill their water bottles at a waterfall just off of the trail. “I turned to hand David the bottle and noticed he was down on one knee," Veronica says. Still oblivious to the fact that he was proposing, the situation finally dawned on Veronica when David pulled out a black ring box. “The best part of the day was walking back down the trail with only the two of us knowing that everything was now very different," she says. The ring: Skyline Diamond Setters

  3. TaNea & James

    detroit engagement photos
    JLB Wedding


    Just nine months after their first date, James bought a ring and stashed it at his apartment before realizing he couldn't hang onto it for too much longer. “I was scared I'd accidentally drop it down the garbage disposal!" he says. Soon after, James made dinner reservations at their favorite restaurant before arranging “what seemed like 10 million tea lights" to spell out “I love you" on his living room floor. “When she got to my apartment and rang the buzzer, my heart stopped," he says. “She said 'yes' and now I'm the luckiest man on the planet." The ring: Joe Shihadeh, Global Gems, Jewelry

  4. Lauren & Marc

    grand rapids engagement photography
    Siarto & Co. Photography

    Grand Rapids

    High school sweethearts Lauren and Marc were visiting a dog park at a Muskegon beach when Marc popped the question right there on the sand. “Our shih tzu, Gomez, was busy running around, so we sat down to take in the sunset," Lauren says. Just then, Marc surprised her by playing their favorite song on his phone before pulling out a ring. “It was all such a blur since I wasn't expecting a thing," Lauren says. “I could only say, 'Are you serious?' followed by, 'Of course!' " The ring: Vintage from Etsy.com

  5. Linda & Kyle

    detroit engagement photos
    The Billings Photography


    Seven years after they first met, Linda visited Kyle in Grand Rapids, where he surprised her with dinner at a local restaurant. But as the pair left to head home, Linda noticed a horse-drawn carriage waiting at the curb. “It took us on a tour of the downtown area until we came to a bridge overlooking the city," she says. That's when Kyle suggested they stop for a quick photo. “I positioned myself and realized Kyle was standing in front of me before he dropped to one knee," Linda says. “I only remember a lot of 'shut ups,' 'stop it right nows' and plenty of tears." The ring: Tacori

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