5 Sweet Proposal Stories from Texas Couples

Texas-based to-be-weds share their romantic tales of engagement.
by Jane KEllogg Murray
  1. Nissa & Phil

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    After four years of dating, Phil hid an engagement ring for Nissa in a cardboard box thinking she would find it as they unpacked during a move, but she didn't— he buried it a little too well! So Phil worked on plan B: During a candlelit birthday dinner he prepared for her, he brought out their relationship memory box. Inside, he had written a note: “This is my way of holding on to what I love most. Will you marry me?" Shocked and elated, Nissa opened the box to find a vintage ring. “It was hilariously adorable how nervous he was," Nissa says. The ring: Shane Co.

  2. Sophia & Jared

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    Although Sophia and Jared attended the same high school, it would take mutual friends on Facebook to bring them together five years later. Chatting online led to phone calls, and eventually the two became inseparable. After moving to Dallas for work, Jared told Sophia he had planned a Christmas party, which turned out to be the setting of a romantic proposal in front of all of their closest family and friends. “After many tears, much laughter, finished bottles of champagne and a big 'yes,' the night was perfect," Sophia says.

  3. Renee & Aaron

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    College sweethearts Renee and Aaron met on the first day of orientation at the University of Texas at Austin. At the beginning of senior year, Aaron hinted to Renee that a proposal could come at any time that fall—and she was nervous on every weekend date he planned! After a few weeks of lovely surprises but no proposal, she finally gave up her expectations. That very day, he took her for a picnic at Zilker Park, where they flew kites and drank sparkling lemonade. Suddenly, Aaron pulled out a ring he had hidden in the picnic basket. “He got down on one knee and said beautiful, lovely things that neither of us can remember," Renee says. The ring: Helzberg Diamonds

  4. Callie & Trey

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    After Callie and Trey met during a spring break trip, he let his mom know he had found the girl he was going to marry. Three years later, Trey told Callie he was going to take her out for a nice dinner, but first, they needed to stop by the Houstonian Club for his law school happy hour. Before they walked inside, he pulled her aside in the club's gazebo and asked, “What would you think if we got married in here?" Before she could answer, he dropped to one knee. “I was so surprised, I don't remember what he said or how I responded," she says. “It was the best day of my life." The ring: JScott Designs

  5. Jennah & David

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    During a summer getaway to Florida, David convinced Jennah to get up at 5:30 a.m. to watch the sunrise from the beach. She originally resisted—“I absolutely hate waking up early," she admits—but ultimately joined him. While strolling along the shore admiring the seashells, Jennah found a blue bottle in the sand with a note in it. “As soon as I saw it was his handwriting, I immediately started crying," she says. At that moment, David proposed. It wasn't until they were hugging and crying together afterward that Jennah noticed David's friend running around snapping photos! The ring: BlueNile.com

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