Love to Work Out? You Need This Service for Your Bachelorette Party or Honeymoon

Any vacation can be hard on your body, but here’s why you officially don’t have to forfeit your fitness routine during your pre- (or post-) wedding travels.
by Sophie Ross

If you fall off the fitness wagon every time you travel, you’re certainly not alone (those hotel bar nachos aren’t going to eat themselves). And with your bachelorette party and honeymoon both looming (that you may be working extra hard to look good for with whatever sweating-for-the-wedding regiment you’re following), then you might be feeling a little stressed about the lack of exercise you’ll be doing while on the road.

First of all, we’re group fitness class enthusiasts when it comes to bachelorette parties, so put that on your itinerary if you’re concerned about turning into a couch potato for a weekend. And second of all, a new brand called Routinely makes it their mission to make your excuses—“I didn’t have room in my suitcase for sneakers”—totally irrelevant. (Unless, of course, you relish those excuses so you don’t have to work out on your vacation—that’s fine too.)

Here’s how: So you don’t have to worry about squeezing your dirty Nikes in your suitcase on top of your brand-new, white bikinis, it will deliver everything you need straight to your hotel. Its rental “kits” will only set you back $10 (extra sets of clothing only cost $5), and include premium exercise essentials, like sneakers, leggings, a sports bra, tank top, socks and a hair tie. Add-ons like yoga mats, resistance bands and protein bars are also available for an additional $3.

Now you (and your bridal squad) can get your sweat on anywhere (like a group spin class), and all you have to do is drop your kit back off at the front desk of your hotel once you’re done. It’s that easy—and you also don’t have to mix your sweaty clothes back in your suitcase with those cute rompers you packed.

The service is only available in NYC right now (and coming to LA, San Francisco and Chicago down the line), so it’s perfect for those planning urban bashes or honeymoons and already feeling guilty about hotel bar nachos.

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