Rubber Stamp These 12 Things At Your Wedding 

by Bridget Clegg
DIY stamped wedding decor: Laura Murray Photography /
photo by Laura Murray Photography

Ready for the easiest DIY project you'll ever try? Get a rubber stamp and an ink pad in your favorite color and you're well on your way to becoming a DIY pro. There's something you can stamp at every step of the planning process, from the invitations and escort cards to the favors and thank you notes. Order a custom stamp with your monogram (like this one from The Knot Shop), your wedding logo and date (like this one from Etsy seller Designkandy) or your lovely faces (that's right, Stamp Yo Face!). Once you have the design down, it's a matter of connecting with the right material. See how the couples below rubber stamped their way to a polished DIY wedding style.

Stamped Invitation Suite

DIY stamped wedding decor: Amanda Julca Photography /
photo by Amanda Julca Photography

Amanda Julca Photography

From the album: A Shabby Chic Farm Wedding in Louisville, OH

Tented Escort Cards With White Ink

DIY stamped wedding decor: Click Photography /
photo by Click Photography

Click Photography

From the album: A Modern Timeless Wedding in Kansas City, MO

Letter Stamped Escort Tags

DIY stamped wedding decor: Next Exit Photography /
photo by Next Exit Photography

Next Exit Photography

From the album: A Romantic Shabby Chic Wedding in Malibu, CA

Stamped Clay Bouquet Charm

DIY stamped wedding decor: Vue Photography /
photo by Vue Photography

Vue Photography

From the album: A Romantic Casual Wedding in Carillon Beach, FL

Stamped Burlap Wine Bag Table Number

DIY stamped wedding decor: The Observatory /
photo by The Observatory

The Observatory

From the album: A Rustic Southern Wedding in Hamilton, VA

Anchor Ring Pillow With Stamped Date

DIY stamped wedding decor: Kate Connolly /
photo by Kate Connolly

Kate Connolly

From the album: A Romantic Nautical Wedding in Manahawkin, NJ

Bicycle-Stamped Well Wishes Tag

DIY stamped wedding decor: Hudson River Photographers /
photo by Hudson River Photographers

Hudson River Photographers

From the album: A Playful Modern Wedding in Poughkeepsie, NY

Homemade Monogrammed Cocktail Napkins

DIY stamped wedding decor: Evoke Photography /
photo by Evoke Photography

Evoke Photography

From the album: An Eclectic DIY Wedding

Stamped Kraft Paper Coasters

DIY stamped wedding decor: Laura Murray Photography /
photo by Laura Murray Photography

Laura Murray Photography

From the album: A Romantic Weekend Wedding in Tabernash, CO

Rubber Stamped Place Setting

DIY stamped wedding decor: Caroline Joy /
photo by Caroline Joy

Caroline Joy

From the album: A Casual Southern Wedding in Austin, TX

Stamped Muslin Favor Bags

DIY stamped wedding decor: Betsi Ewing Studio /
photo by Betsi Ewing Studio

Betsi Ewing Studio

From the album: A Rustic Garden Wedding in Staten Island, NY

Stamped Candy Bags

DIY stamped wedding decor: Eric Boneske Photography /
photo by Eric Boneske Photography

Eric Boneske Photography

From the album: A Nautical Wedding in Holden Beach, NC

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