Rustic Wedding Cake Ideas for Any Season

Tips and inspiration for your dream rustic wedding cake.
by Andrea Fowler
Rustic wedding cake ideas

If you're getting married in a barn, at a lakeside camp resort or on a ranch, it sounds like you need a rustic wedding cake to round out your reception. The basics of any good rustic wedding cake is to keep the overall design looking natural. That means no bold frosting colors that aren't found in nature and no glamorous details like rhinestone bands. Instead, stick to natural greenery, florals and berries for garnishes.

Don't forget about the presentation. A wood cake stand, wreath of eucalyptus around the base and some twinkle-light backlighting or candles can transform the dessert table into a scene of pure charm. If you want to opt for a smaller cake, think about supplementing the dessert table with fun alternatives like s'mores, mini pies or bundt cakes. 

  1. Red Velvet With Berries

    Red velvet naked wedding cake
    Blair Nicole Photography
  2. Monogrammed Cake Stand

    Small rustic wedding cake with wood cake stand
    Austin Gros
  3. Mountainscape Frosting Design

    Single-tier chocolate wedding cake
    Mollie Tobias Photography
  4. Buttercream and Lavender

    Small three-tier buttercream and lavender wedding cake
  5. Naked Cake With Floral Topper

    Simple naked wedding cake with floral topper
    Justin + Mary- The Weddings
  6. Sugar-Dusted Fruit Garnishes

    Nautral wedding cake with frosted barry and grade details
    Sheradee Hurst Photography
  7. Natural Wood Cake Stand

    Natural rustic wedding cake with floral and berry decorations
    Katelyn James Photography
  8. Seeded Eucalyptus Decorations

    Four tier white wedding cake with custom topper
    With Love & Embers
  9. Faux Birchwood Frosting

    Rustic wedding cake with tree bark design
    822 Weddings
  10. Naked Chocolate Cake With Berries

    Chocolate naked wedding cake with strawberries
    Rockhill Studio
  11. Caramel Topping

    Naked wedding cake with flowers, berries and caramel sauce
  12. Rustic Buttercream Texture

    White buttercream wedding cake with natiral, rustic decor
  13. Wood, Moss and Fern Designs

    Rustic wedding cake with faux moss and fern designs
  14. Rustic Lavender Garnish

    Three tier white wedding cake with buttercream frosting
    Chudleigh Weddings
  15. Flower-Filled Display

    Rustic wedding cake with floral display
    Kismet Visuals & Co.
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