Sandy & Adam's Real Charity Registry Story

These two had plenty of dishes already -- so they decided to turn their wedding into a fundraiser.
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When it came to registering for their wedding, Sandy and Adam agreed that they already had plenty of dishes. "What we didn't have was a lot of time," Sandy says. "We both work a lot and find that while we'd like to be more involved in the charities that we're close to, we just don't have the capacity to organize a fund-raiser that would really make a dent in their missions." The solution was to turn part of their wedding into a fund-raiser for their favorite charities. They set up their own charity registry on and spread the news to their guests.

About Their Wedding

The couple exchanged vows in Islamorada, Florida, on April 28 at the Cheeca Lodge & Spa in front of 50 friends and family. "I think the highlights of the night were the speeches," says Sandy. "My dad broke into the University of Iowa fight song at one point and half the crowd jumped in, and Adam's son, Jack (age seven), took the microphone for his best man toast...and told a knock-knock joke."

About Their Charities on


From Sandy: "Miraclefeet is an amazing organization that provides simple, affordable treatment to children born with clubfoot in developing countries. One out of every 750 children worldwide is born with clubfoot -- it is the single most common congenital birth defect, and it's typically very easily treated (nonsurgically!) when the child is young. Miraclefeet partners with orthopedic surgeons in public hospitals in developing countries in order to establish and support clubfoot clinics, making the treatment more accessible and affordable. This charity is close to our hearts for a couple of reasons: First, my goddaughter, Reese, was born with a complicated case of clubfoot; thankfully, she was born in the US where treatment is accessible. Second, the doctor who pioneered the highly successful nonsurgical treatment process that has benefited so many kids is from Iowa, near where I grew up."

Daytop New Jersey
From Sandy: "The Daytop motto is 'Every Kid Deserves a Chance.' We are close to Daytop through Adam's family. His father worked in construction for Daytop for 35 years and became great friends with one of the founders, Father Joe Hennen. Daytop is a comprehensive substance abuse treatment and education program dedicated to male and female teenagers and young adults. In addition to alcohol and drug treatment programs (outpatient and residential), it offers education programs through its new preparatory school, professional medical services for residential clients, family support and, in some cases, an alternative to incarceration."

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