Wedding Guest List: Saying No to Last-Minute Wedding Guest List Adds


We sent out our wedding invitations two weeks ago, but my fiance and future mother-in-law keep calling with additional names. Right now, the wedding guest list is thirty percent my family and seventy percent his! In addition, we're already over budget -- and my future mother-in-law isn't paying (or offering to pay) for anything. I'm really frustrated. What should I do?


You and your fiance need to have a little talk. If the invites have gone out already, the boat has sailed and they missed it! No more invitations should be mailed. As far as solving this issue peacefully, you should try to get your fiance to understand your viewpoint (which shouldn't be hard, since you're being completely reasonable). To avoid creating bad feelings between you and your future MIL, let him talk to his mother about the guest list and other issues.

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