Q&A: Invitations: Separate Reception Cards Necessary?


Do we have to have a separate reception card with our invitations, or can we just include that info in our invitations? The whole separate card thing seems too formal for our wedding.


Your invitation is the perfect place to reflect the feel and formality of your wedding, giving guests a clue as to what's to come (and what they should wear!). As long as all the relevant info is there, it's up to you how it's displayed. You're right that separate reception cards are most popular for very formal affairs (particularly if it needs to be noted that, for example, the reception will be black-tie invited). The other time couples turn to them is in cases when the reception or cocktail hour does not immediately follow the ceremony -- having the time and place on a separate card makes it easier for guests to understand and schedule accordingly. But no matter where or when you're having your party, you don't need to have a separate card for it. Choose invites and wording that reflects the kind of wedding you want to have.

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