Shopping For Invites When The Choices Seem Endless (A Groom With A View)

by Robert Schwartz
photo by Photo: Angela Cappetta

Evin and I try every chance we get to shop locally. Rather than get in the car and drive to the supermarket, we buy fish at our local fishmonger. When I needed a new winter coat, I found one at a smaller clothing store in our neighborhood rather than give my money to Macy's. And for our home improvement needs, we prefer the local hardware store where Tony tells us what to do rather than wandering around Home Depot looking for someone with both a pulse and a clue. Sure we pay more. The local “this-and-that" has to charge more than the big box stores do. But if everyone just stops shopping there opting instead for cheaper prices, then what would happen to Tony? Looking for wedding invitations was no different.

First thing we did was investigate printers located in and around Brooklyn. Our neighborhood is a hotbed of new, young graphic designers. These are the entrepreneurial-types who eschew jobs with big printing companies and go out on their own. We applaud this kind of spirit. The designs we found were fresh, fun, and original—just the thing we were looking for. And the benefits were that we'd be supporting our community by keeping the money in Brooklyn. But the printing costs would've broken the bank.

Our next stop was the big commercial invitation companies located online. I can attest to the fact that the number of online invitation choices rivals our national debt. After looking at several hundred thousand, every invitation resembled the previous one. Plus, we really weren't even sure exactly what we wanted the invitation to convey. It needed to be about us, who we are, what we were all about. We wanted out invitation to make a statement. There was at any given time, dozens of screens open on Evin's computer. The choices made us dizzy. Evin loved all of them and I loved the blue one. And that was the extent of my visual sense. We couldn't make a decision and a decision needed to be made.

Then a co-worker of Evin's stepped in and made our lives easier. She had used for her wedding invitations. Minted is a global community of independent graphic designers and an online store that prints and sells the best of their designs. Designers upload their invitation designs and receive a small royalty from every one purchased. Think of it as crowd-sourcing for the wedding industry. This meant we could find a designer across the globe, or down the block in Brooklyn. Hosanna! We found an invitation we both loved. To Evin it conveyed that we were a: fun, non-traditional type of couple, whimsical, clever, and that we wanted you to come share our really special day with us. To me it conveyed that our search for wedding invitations is over.

Now which one of your out there has really, really, really good handwriting?

Letterpressed invites pictured above by Greenwich Letterpress, NYC

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