Checklist: An Overview

by The Knot

The Knot Wedding Checklist is an interactive checklist designed to guide you effortlessly through planning your wedding. Your checklist offers links to useful information on The Knot about each task you need to accomplish to plan your dream day. Because every wedding is different, you may need to add personal to-dos or remove existing items from your list.

  • To create your checklist, simply enter your wedding date using the pull-down menu, decide how you want to view your list, and click the SUBMIT button.
  • To remove to-dos that you don't need, just click the checkbox to the left of that to-do, and then click the SUBMIT button.
  • To add personal to-do items, click the ADD A CHECKLIST ITEM button in the right column of your checklist and follow the instructions in the pop-up window.

    Remember, always click the UPDATE button to save your changes to your checklist.

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