Q&A: Guest List: Should I Invite the Boss?


My fiance and I used to work together. I have since left the company, where I was treated badly and my fiancé is the golden boy. The thought of his boss (who is also my ex-boss) at our wedding makes me sick. Do I have to invite him?


First of all, keep in mind that you're never required to invite anyone. It is a nice gesture to invite your respective bosses, especially if you have good relationships with them. And there is always the chance that he won't come, especially if he doesn't know you guys very well personally and it's a large, impersonal office. This may be harder to get around in a small, chummy workplace, but this one doesn't sound too chummy.

Is your fiance concerned that it will damage his work life if you don't invite this guy? Will he no longer be the golden boy? That would be pretty pathetic, but hey, it happens. Also, you sound a bit jealous of your fiance's success in the company; maybe this is an issue you guys need to work out. Unless it's going to seriously ruin your honey's career, you shouldn't be forced to invite someone who you say makes you physically ill to your wedding.

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