Wedding Receiving Line: Should Stepparents Be Included in the Receiving Line?


Do stepparents stand in the wedding receiving line? My stepfather would not be at all offended, but my stepmother would (my father will be in the receiving line). How do I handle this?


There's no hard-and-fast rule. Stepparents are included in the receiving line if you want them to be and if everyone involved is comfortable with it. Your stepmother would stand next to your father (her spouse). You won't want to place them right next to your mother and her spouse: Place your mom and stepdad in line before you and the groom, and your dad and stepmother on the other side of you two, next to the groom's parents, so everyone's clear on who's married to whom. If you think this will get unwieldy, there's always the option of only including moms and stepmoms in the receiving line while the dads mingle with guests.

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