Bridesmaid Dresses: Do They Choose Their Own Style?


I'm having a bit of trouble with my bridesmaids and their dresses. They insist that the new etiquette is that since they are paying one-half of the cost of their bridesmaid dresses (my parents and I are paying the rest), they have the right to choose the dress. The only input I would have is the color. Are they telling me the truth or just being difficult?


They're definitely being difficult! The new etiquette does say that in many instances, the bride chooses a color she wants the maids to wear and lets them choose what they're most comfortable with individually. But there's no rule that every bride must do it this way. And you're even paying for half of each dress -- they should be grateful, because most brides don't do that (nor are they required to). Sounds like they are just a bit touchy about wanting to wear something they like. The best solution? Go shopping together and choose a dress together. Find something (or maybe several somethings) that they will be happy to wear and will make you happy. Bridesmaids often feel trapped by the bride's decree, and it seems that yours are rebelling before the order has even come down. Cut them off at the pass by letting them know you want to choose their dresses with their input, and they will most likely warm to the task.

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