Wedding Flowers: Should Bridal Bouquet Match Bridal Gown?

by The Knot

I've chosen a bridal gown with a simple, straight silhouette, but I love big, full flowers like peonies and anemones. Does the shape of my bridal bouquet have to match the style of my wedding dress?


The type of bouquet you choose is really a matter of personal preference -- the flowers should complement your wedding style rather than your gown. Brides in opulent ball gowns often opt for a small bunch of calla lilies and brides in silk sheaths sometimes carry cascades of orchids. It all depends on the overall look you're going for, and should reflect your individual style and sensibility. To get a better idea of what your options are, check out our bouquet gallery and browse bridal magazines for a look that catches your eye. Also, take along your planning notebook (including pictures of your gown, your bridesmaids' dresses, invitations, and any other major style elements) to your florist when ordering your flowers; she should be able to help you choose just the right bouquet to go with your dress and your day.

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