Q&A: Wedding Guests: Should We Pay Their Expenses?

by The Knot

Half our guests are from out of town (way out -- 2,000 miles), and we are wondering if we are expected to pay for any of their travel or accommodation expenses? I think we'll be expected to pay for the rooms, but my fiance says we only need to make the reservations. Help! Who's correct?


Your guy has it right. You're not obligated to pay your wedding guests' travel or hotel expenses. It is nice, however, to make it easier on guests by letting them know when your wedding will be as early as possible so they can start calling around for good airfares. You should also research hotels to see where you can get a good group rate; often, when a wedding party brings in a lot of guests, the hotel will give a discount to the group. You shouldn't actually make the reservations, rather reserve a block of rooms, and then send your guests the hotel information they'll need along with the invitations. They should be given a reservation number, the nightly rate, as well as what to say when they call (it might be something like, "We're with the Smith/Jones wedding").

If there are guests that you must have at your wedding who just can't afford to be there, by all means help them out so they'll be there on your big day. But in no way should anyone expect you to do so.

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