10 Signs You're Too Young to Get Married

Let's face it: If you're still sleeping in a twin bed or shopping for prom dresses, you're probably too young to say "I do." For the record, we can't get "What Makes You Beautiful" out of our heads either!
by Amanda Black

You're counting down the days until you get your braces off (and we're not talking about Invisalign).

You've been grounded in the last year.

The biggest outing of the year is prom.

Your main form of income is babysitting money.

You're a Twihard.

You use song lyrics to express your emotions on Facebook.

You still use a fake ID.

Your boyfriend wears a letter jacket.

You can't get One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" out of your head, and you're pretty sure it was written about you.

You still have a curfew.

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