Q&A: Guest List: Single Friend Inviting Non-Date!


I invited a single friend with a guest, and when she returned the reply card, she'd written another female friend of hers. She's not seeing this person, so she's just a friend and definitely not a date -- I don't want to pay for her friend! What can I do?


Unfortunately, when you invite someone "and guest," the choice is theirs, not yours. While it is a bit unusual that this person chose to invite a friend rather than a date, you didn't specify one way or the other who she was to bring, so you can't really stop her from doing so. Instead of writing "and guest" on all your single friends' invites, avoid this guest gaffe by calling invitees in advance to find out their guests' names. Though it's more legwork, it's more proper to have both invitees' names written out on the invitation (even if you don't personally know one of the individuals very well) and it saves you from any surprises later. While you might not be happy with the outcome in this case, think of it this way: You had already budgeted in someone for her to hang with -- even if they're romantically linked, its hardly the be-all and end-all of your big day.

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