Q&A: Guest List: Single Friend Is Freaking Out!


I have a single friend who's been freaking out about my wedding. A lot of our friends have gotten hitched recently, she's not even dating anyone, and somehow, my engagement has been the last straw. I really care about her and I want to help her cope, but I'm not sure how to deal -- even on the little things. Should I invite her to my wedding with a guest, just to avoid having her feel weird about not having a dance partner? Or will it be more awkward for her to bring a random date when everyone else is bringing their spouses?


Navigating your circle's friendships and relationships can sometimes be like playing musical chairs -- no one wants to be the one left standing when the music stops. You want your friend to feel comfortable around all the couples, but you don't want her to feel (pardon our pun) singled out. The best way to handle it isn't the easiest -- but it will ease everyone's minds. Simply ask her what she wants to do. Ask her out for lunch or coffee, and say, "I've been working on our guest list, and I was wondering if you wanted to bring a guest to the wedding. All our friends are going to be there, and you'll definitely be able to hang with them, but if you'd rather have a date that's cool too." Hopefully she'll appreciate your honesty, and you two will be able to sort out what will make her feel most comfortable.

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