Q&A: Guest List: Sites vs. Guest List?


While searching for our ceremony and reception sites, we keep running into a problem. Our entire guest list is about 150, and while we've found tons of reception sites that can accommodate that many people, the ceremony spots we love, hold less than half that (some hold a max of 50!). Should we just stop being choosy and compromise on our ceremony site?


You just need to pick your priority: Having all your nearest and dearest in attendance, or saying "I do" at the site of your dreams. Many couples are choosing to say their vows in more intimate settings, and then having all of their friends join them for a raucous reception. If having a particular ceremony site is important to you, you could simply cut your ceremony guest list down as necessary, then invite everyone to the reception. One note: This only really works if you're going from very small to very big, like 50 guests at the ceremony and 150 at the reception. If the difference is only 20 or 30 people, those guests are going to feel left out. In that case, compromise a bit on your guest list and cut it so that everyone can attend the ceremony and the reception.

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