7 Sexy Kitchen Electrics for Your Registry

Because no kitchen is complete without a few high-tech touches.
by Lauren Kay
photo by iStock

When building your wedding registry, it's easy to stick to the basics: pots, pans, glassware and so on. You need them. But don't forget the stylish extras that you need too. Our favorite kitchen electrics are sexy enough to take up residence on your countertop while making your life a little easier in the process.

  1. Countertop Mixer

    Hamilton Beach chrome mixer

    If you've ever wanted to mix something but were too lazy to haul out the blender, this guy is for you. Blend milkshakes, sauces or even omelets right on your counter.

    Hamilton Beach Chrome Classic mixer, $45, BedBathandBeyond.com

  2. Fruit and Vegetable Juicer

    Omega juicer

    Think of this juicer as the MVP of your kitchen. It has a special mechanism that pulls fruits and vegetables into a smaller compartment to get every last drop of juice out of anything you feed it. It can also help you make nut butters and even soy milk. See what we mean?

    Omega 800HDR nutrition system, $330, OmegaJuicers.com

  3. Copper Toaster

    Dualit copper two-slice toaster

    This sleek toaster will make your daily breakfast feel downright luxe. The one-inch slots can hold anything from bagels to brioche, while a browning nozzle ensures toast perfection.

    Dualit Copper two-slice toaster, $260, SurLaTable.com

  4. Vertical Waffle Maker

    Vertical waffle maker

    Who knew waffles could be so high-tech? This vertical iron allows you to fill batter from the top while the unit is closed, making clean up a breeze. Plus, it takes up less real-estate on you counter leaving more room for bacon and eggs prep.

    Cuisinart Vertical waffle maker, $140, Kohls.com

  5. Chic Slow Cooker

    All-Clad slow cooker

    Every couple needs a slow cooker. There, we said it. Throw in various ingredients before work and by the time you get home you've got dinner—ideal for post-honeymoon busy schedules. This one has a removable cast-aluminum insert that you can even use on the stovetop.

    All-Clad Deluxe 7-qt. slow cooker with cast-aluminum insert, $250, Williams-Sonoma.com

  6. Slow-Drip Coffeemaker

    Slow-drip coffee maker

    Coffee is downright elegant with this slow-drip carafe. A hot plate keeps your brew warm for necessary refills. And really, how great would this glass carafe look on your brunch table?

    Chemex Ottomatic coffeemaker, $350, Bloomingdales.com

  7. Electric Fondue Set

    Electric fondue set

    Are you the kind of couple who likes to entertain? A fondue pot equals instant party. Hot cheese? Yes please. Chocolate for dipping? You bet. There's a (very good) reason why this small appliannce is making a comeback.

    Cuisinart CFO-3SS electric fondue set, $90, Macys.com

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