3 Sneaky Little Diet Tricks That Add Up Big

You don't need to try the latest Hollywood cleanse, or completely cut out carbs to meet your wedding weight-loss goals. Even the little things you do can get you closer to your gown goal. Here are three little tricks that by themselves may not have a lot of impact, but together, as part of a concerted fitness and nutrition regimen, will add up toward noticeable results.
by The knot

1. Spice Up Your Diet

Try adding hot peppers, cayenne or jalapenos to your next meal. Eating spicy food may help boost your metabolism and burn more calories, according to a study published in Physiology & Behavior. While the boost is relatively miniscule (the study found participants who ate soup spiked with cayenne pepper burned an extra 10 calories compared with those who ate the same soup sans the added spice) and researchers are careful to note it's not a miracle cure for obesity, they did say the study is proof that small changes can make a real difference.

2. Downsize Your Dishes

Perception has a lot to do with how much you eat. Many of us have been conditioned to “clean our plates," so we may view a plate that isn't full of food as a deprivation of sorts. That's why many weight-loss experts suggest sizing down your plates and bowls to give the appearance of a full plate, even if you've trimmed your proportions. This optical illusion is basically a sneaky way to encourage smaller portion sizes.

So the next time you prepare a meal, fill up a salad plate, and use a mug instead of a bowl for your morning cereal.

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3. Feed the Doggie First

The next time you order at a restaurant, ask the server to bring a to-go box with your order. When your meal arrives, before you take a bite, place half of it in the box to save for lunch the next day (or to feed Fido when you get home). That way, you've instantly saved half the calories you would have consumed otherwise, and you already have the next day's lunch taken care of.

The Bottom Line:
Little changes add up to big results. Look for little tricks in your everyday routine to consume fewer calories and boost your metabolism.

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