Q&A: Guest List: Can We Specify Who Guests Bring?

Q: One of my fiance's closest friends has two girlfriends. The real one lives across the country, while the other girl lives nearby. My fiance definitely wants him at our wedding, but I'm worried he's going to bring his other girl. I don't want to get involved with his love life, but I don't want to be disloyal to his real girlfriend. Can we specify who he brings with him?

A: It's certainly not considered impolite to specify who he brings as his guest, so long as it's done properly. Just as you would with any of your invitees, you should address the invitation to him and the guest you hope he will bring (if you really want to be explicit, specify both of their names on the response card as well). That will leave no question as to who's been invited. If he still insists on bringing someone else, however, we're afraid that's his prerogative, rude as it might be -- you've already done what you can. It sounds like he's definitely on your guest list, so if he's going to go so far as to write in a different name on the response card, you may just have to move on and not worry about it. It's just one guest after all -- merely a drop in the bucket when it comes to the myriad friends, fans, and family who'll undoubtedly be surrounding you on your wedding day.

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