Maid of Honor: Splitting Duties Between Two MOHs?


I plan to have two good friends be my maids of honor at my wedding. Can you give me some ideas on how to split the wedding honor attendant's duties between them?


Rather than splitting the duties by yourself, consider sitting down with your friends and seeing if either of them has particularly strong feelings about performing a specific duty -- which would make dividing the tasks much easier. Perhaps one of them has a touch of stage fright and would rather not give the toast. Maybe one has her heart set on holding your bouquet at the ceremony or signing your marriage license. Feel them out to see which jobs they each seem to be excited about. The other option is to have them handle most of their responsibilities as a team: they can co-host a shower, co-plan the bachelorette party, and both take a spin across the dance floor with the best man! No matter how the job gets done, the most important thing is that you have your two closest friends by your side to help you prepare for your wedding.

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