How to Get Started on a Fitness Routine

I have four months to lose weight before my wedding. The idea is simply overwhelming. How do I even get started?
by The Knot

Instead of thinking of the next four months of your fitness and nutrition journey all at once, take it one day at a time and follow what I like to call, the "Skinny 20." It's a great way to create a little mental container for all your fitness and nutrition thoughts -- and you only have to open it once a day.

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1. Choose an Activity You Love

If the idea of running on a treadmill sounds miserable, then don't do it. Instead, choose an activity you will enjoy that also elevates your heart rate: walking, biking and swimming are all excellent options that can also provide a relaxing mind-set.

2. Block Out 20 Minutes Every Day to Work Out

It's all about consistency. This is your time to think. Focus on how you'll feel afterward, plan out the healthy meals you'll eat for the rest of the day and imagine how great you'll feel when your gown has to be taken in.

3. Move On With Your Day

When your 20 minutes is up, you'll not only be done with your exercise for the day, you'll feel great and motivated, and will have planned out your meals for the day.

The Bottom Line: As a bride-to-be, you have so much going on that it's important to compartmentalize your activities and reduce your stress level.

Doug Rice

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