Bridal Beauty: Staying on a Wedding Diet?


I'm trying desperately to shed some pounds before my wedding, but I'm having trouble dieting on the right foods -- I'm never full after I eat. Do you have any suggestions for losing weight before my wedding?


Hunger may mean that you are choosing the wrong "right" foods. Some low-fat fare isn't enough to fill a bird. Start by taking a long, hard look at what's on your plate. You should be seeing lots of vegetables. Have a salad or some steamed broccoli, cauliflower, or spinach every day with lunch and dinner. Adding extra veggies will increase the quantity of food in your stomach without adding a lot of extra calories. Also, some foods are naturally more filling than others. Try to include fruit -- oranges, grapes, apples -- baked potatoes, and fish in your meals. These low-cal foods definitely pack an extra punch when it comes to filling you up and helping you lose weight before your wedding .

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