Steal This Bright Idea (Lamp Centerpieces!)

by Simone Hill
Lamp Centerpieces

Here's an easy way to light up your reception tables if you're going for a mood lit ambiance: centerpiece lamps! They're the perfect alternative (or complement) to traditional flowers. Look below and you'll see that there are endless style options too. For a chic modern vibe, stick to monochromatic black-and-white, for something more rustic choose carved wooden lamps, or cover lamps in flowers for an enchanted garden vibe. A few of our favorites here!

Lamp Centerpieces

Ira Lippke Studios

From the album: A Modern Garden Wedding in New York, NY

Lamp Centerpieces

Liz Banfield Photography

From the album: A Laid-Back Lowcountry Chic Wedding in Charleston, SC

Lamp Centerpieces

Dana Damewood Photography

From the album: An Elegant Modern Wedding in Omaha, NE

Lamp Centerpieces

Kate Leigh Photographer

From the album: A Timeless Organic Wedding in Florham Park, NJ

Lamp Centerpieces

Artful Weddings

From the album: A Traditional Elegant Wedding in Baltimore, MD

Lamp Centerpieces

Adam Nyholt Photographer

Lamp Centerpieces

Marta Locklear Photography

Lamp Centerpieces

Jeffrey & Julia Woods

From the album: A Classic Indoor Wedding in Chicago, IL

Lamp Centerpieces

The Studio Photographers

From the album: A Charming Beach Wedding in Manahawkin, NJ

Want more? Of course you do!

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