Stepparents: Wedding Corsage for Step Grandmother?

by The Knot

My mother and father are divorced and have both remarried. I am ordering wedding corsages for my mom, grandmothers, and the groom's mom; my question is, should I also order a corsage for my stepfather's mom even though our relationship is not one of grandmother/granddaughter? My mom says it's only right, but is it? I don't feel she deserves the recognition of a grandmother to me since I don't consider her one.


Sure, your stepdad's mother is not a blood relative -- you may not even know her very well. But think of it this way: Her son's stepdaughter is getting married, and she's thrilled for him and for you, and is very much looking forward to the celebration. Would it really be such a big deal if she wore a corsage? Most people at your wedding will know who your "real" grandmothers are (it's not likely that your stepgrandmother will be masquerading as one of your blood grandmothers at the reception). Ordering her a corsage is a lovely gesture, and she'll no doubt be deeply touched. Who knows -- it may end up initiating what could be a close relationship with her in the future. You've heard the expression "choose your battles wisely"; this may be one of those times. And there are probably a million other tasks you have to think about before the big day, so don't let this one trip you up.

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