How to Stick to a Bridal Fitness Plan? Read This

As a bride-to-be, you’re on a fitness deadline. But don’t let your limited time frame tempt you to go into your fitness plan full-throttle. Plan enough time leading up to your wedding for a slow start (at least a few months) and follow these two tips for incremental increases.
by The Knot

1. The Two-Minute Rule

Taking it to the max on day one of your fitness regimen is not only dangerous, it can also be mentally defeating. If you ultimately plan to exercise for an hour, start by going for just the first 30 minutes. Then, each subsequent time you exercise, add two minutes. This will be less of a shock to your body and is a much safer approach if you're engaging in high-impact routines.

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2. The Healthy Exchange

Diving right into a super-healthy meal plan is a sure way to fail quickly. Instead, start day one by exchanging one item from your old diet for one from the new healthy one. So instead of fries, get a salad. Instead of going to the deli, bring your lunch. Each day, exchange another item until you're fully engaged in healthy eating.

The Bottom Line

Introduce gradual changes into your fitness and nutrition regimen one day at a time. Your body will thank you, and before you know it, you'll be fully immersed in your new healthy habits.

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