Real Brides' Prewedding Nightmares

by The Knot

Achieving your dream wedding can often become a literal nightmare. Here are bad dreams that have tormented some brides.

"When I got down the aisle, our officiant had laryngitis and offered to do the ceremony in sign language."

"My wedding gown was still not ready from the tailor. When I insisted on going in to try it on, I found my brand-new gown looking seriously weathered, with snags and stains along the front part of the skirt -- and the hem was crooked."

"My fiance was clueless about the planning, and I dreamed he told his groomsmen it was okay to show up with no shirts -- just bow ties under their tux jackets."

"I was having my picture taken outside when it started to drizzle, and the second a raindrop fell on me, I took off on a mad dash for the house, screaming and yelling. I knew it was a dream, because I didn't trip in the grass with my train and four-inch heels!"

"I fell through a hole in the dance floor. Thankfully, it was absurd enough that I could laugh about it without worrying it was going to come true!"

"One of our dogs ate the wedding cake, so we had to go to 7-Eleven and feed the guests boxed cake and cookies instead."

"There wasn't a flower in sight -- so all of my bridesmaids gathered up red balloons for me to carry as a bouquet."

"I keep having this horrible nightmare that we are having the wedding in my parents' living room, there aren't any chairs set up for the guests when they arrive, my dress is blue, there aren't any decorations, and my fiance is wearing an orange tux!"

"My bridesmaids are earthy, and I keep dreaming that when they go to catch the bouquet, they'll raise their arms and none of them will have shaved underarms."

"My hairdresser does this crazy faux mohawk to my hair. I know it looks bad but my bridesmaids and everyone else kept insisting it looked so good."

"I played a sort of insignificant role in my own wedding: No one was paying the least bit of attention to me! It's horrible to admit, but I really wanted to be the center of attention. I guess that came out at night!"

"As we were making our grand entrance into the reception, my new husband stepped on the back of my beautiful gown and ripped the entire back but was too embarrassed to tell me -- so I went through my entire reception like that."

"I get so stressed out by my future mother-in-law that I keep dreaming my fiance really wants to marry her and not me."

"I keep dreaming that the wedding I had was just the dress rehearsal and I have to do the whole thing over again!"

"My ceremony flowers were delivered two weeks early to the church and not only were they wilted, but also they weren't at all what I had ordered."

"My ceremony was no longer at a church but was held outside, and the aisle was shaped like a zigzag."

"I was so stressed out over the whole 'Something borrowed, something blue' that I dreamt little blue frogs started falling from the sky during our ceremony."

Knot Note: Are you losing sleep from wedding-induced anxiety? Calming your senses may be the solution for helping you get the rest you need. Pick a relaxing scented oil, such as expert-approved vanilla or lavender, and rub it on your pressure points -- wrists, behind your ears -- before bedtime. Studies have shown that familiar scents inhaled during REM sleep (the most useful sleep time) relax the muscles, alleviating stress during dream cycles.

-- Compiled by Joanna Pompilio

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