We’re Obsessed With Stone Fox Bride’s New Floral Veils

by Jennie Ma

Maybe it's because we've been stuck in this polar vortex for too long and are longing for spring or maybe it's because these floral crowns from Stone Fox Bride are just the prettiest things we've seen this week, but we're officially obsessed. We've always loved the unique selection that Stone Fox Bride has for you untraditional brides, but this new collection of handmade veils with floral and herb crowns (both fresh and silk) inspired by style icons like Kate Moss and Grace Kelly are just so pretty that any bride (quirky or not) will lust after them.

A Crown of Succulents

Stone Fox Bride The Carrie Dewdrop//The Knot

$350, The Dewdrop

Radiant Orchids

Stone Fox Bride The Violet Sunset//The Knot

$807, The Violet Sunset

The Graceful Halo

Stone Fox Bride The Grace Kelly//The Knot

$1,000, The Grace Kelly

Flowers Gone Wild

Stone Fox Bride The Grace Kelly//The Knot

$2,650, The Hilary

A Vintage Touch

Stone Fox Bride The Tatia//The Knot

$1,920, The Tatia

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