How to Take Bridal Fitness Breaks (Without Feeling Guilty)

You have to take breaks! Your body needs time to rest and recuperate from exercise. But ladies, this isn’t just any old fitness regimen. This is your get-hot-for-your-wedding fitness plan. Why not look for every chance to make it feel special?
by The Knot

1. Schedule Rest Days...

Your rest days should be on a schedule, just like your workout days. I often advise my brides to schedule their workouts around their desired rest days. If you want Saturday off, you should work out on Friday, and so on. Schedule at minimum one day of rest per week.

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2. ...And Treat Yourself

On your rest day, plan drinks with the girls, have a cheat meal or schedule one of the more fun wedding planning appointments (hello, cake tasting!).

3. Spoil Yourself Once a Month

If you stick to your fitness goals for the month, use a rest day to really reward yourself! Go to the spa and get a massage, hit the salon and get a mani-pedi, or buy a sexy pair of shoes and plan a fun date night.

The Bottom Line

A day of rest is good for your body and your mind. In the weeks leading up to your wedding, a rest day is also a great way to get into the bridal mind-set and reward yourself for little victories.

Doug Rice

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