Wedding Family Matters: Can I Tell Groom's Mother What to Wear?

by The Knot

My future mother-in-law has no idea how to dress. We went shopping, and she bought a white cotton dress to wear to my wedding! I didn't have the heart to tell her at the time that she shouldn't wear that dress. My mother is wearing a very classy midnight blue evening gown. How do I politely tell my future mother-in-law that her dress is not appropriate for the wedding?


Well, the best scenario would have been for you to explain in the store that she and your mom should be similarly dressed. And you also might have mentioned that according to tradition, only the bride should wear white. But it's too late for all that. Depending on your relationship with her, maybe you can sit down with her and explain now. Let her know that generally the two moms' dresses are equally formal, so really she should wear a more formal dress to the ceremony -- and that you'll help her pick it out. Suggest that she wear the white dress instead to the rehearsal dinner or the postwedding brunch, if there will be one. Chances are she'll agree. If you're uncomfortable with that, ask your fiance to talk to her; better yet, if he has a sister, let her sort it out with her mom. If your fiance's mom reacts defensively and says that she's wearing the white dress, you may just have to grin and bear it. Don't obsess over it, though. It's not worth starting off your new relationship with her on the wrong foot.

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