Wedding Registry: Inform Non-Wedding Guests of Wedding Registry?


We're having a family only wedding and reception. My fiance wants to have a wedding party/shower just for his friends so they don't feel left out (they're all a little upset about the family only wedding). Would it be proper to let them know where we are registered in case they want to buy a gift? Should we let them know we don't expect wedding gifts? Or should we just say nothing and let them decide whether to give one?


It's a really cool idea to have a party to celebrate your wedding with friends, since they won't be attending the family-only event. Maybe the fact that you're thinking "shower" is what's concerning you as far as gifts go. You might want to call the party a pre-wedding reception, or have a big party once you return from your honeymoon instead. It's always best not to raise the gift question but to let people ask you about it. But it's acceptable to write on invites, "Your presence is your gift!" Then people will feel let off the hook, but still free to get you a present if they want to. If they need to know where you're registered, they'll most likely ask. So don't worry!

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