Can We Tell Wedding Guests How Their Wedding Cash Will Be Used?


My partner and I didn’t register at any stores because I own my home and it’s fully furnished. We’re expecting we'll receive some cash gifts at the wedding and plan to use them on several home improvement projects, such as building a bar in our partially finished basement and doing some remodeling in our bathroom. Is it acceptable or appropriate to write about the use of the money in our wedding thank you notes?


Absolutely! Any time you receive a monetary wedding gift (which you can register for through our cash registry, The Newlywed Fund), it's a wonderful idea to let the giver in on what you'll use the money for. And it's a great way to really personalize the thank-you note. Within The Newlywed Fund, you can also let guests know ahead of time where the money is going. For instance, you could assign a certain amount of money to the bar and another amount to the remodeling of the bathroom. Guests will then know exactly what their cash gift is going towards.

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