Wedding Reception Style: Telling Guests How Table Cameras Work?

Q: I know most people aren't Ansel Adams when it comes to photography, but I assume they have the basic knowledge of point and shoot. Just in case, how can I clue in my wedding guests as to how the table cameras work? How do I let them know what (and what not) to photograph?

A: Let's assume the worst: That your wedding guests have no clue how or when to take pictures. Most disposable cameras come with instructions. To be sure, in your finest print (or via computer printer), set this piece of prose down on each table:I, an honored guest of (couple's name) will take pictures with this camera.To remember, from this day forward,For better pictures or worse,Of myself and other guests,The dance times and the meal times,The smiles and the tears,Till the pictures are no more.I will use the flash buttonAccording to the instructions,And when finished, hand it over to (fill in the camera collector's name) at Table (fill in the number of the collector's assigned table).That's easy enough, right? Now if only there were a poem that would tell them their thumbs are covering the lens....

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