Q&A: Wedding Guests: Telling Them the Wedding's Off?


What is the proper way to inform guests that a wedding has been canceled? The invitations have already gone out, but the wedding is not for a month.


When a wedding is canceled, you can let guests know with printed cards, personal notes, or even by phone if you don't have much time. Since you do have time, tell everyone by mail. Phoning (the bride's mom or another close friend or relative might make the calls) may put the caller in the awkward position of feeling as if he or she has to explain the whole thing over and over.

If you want to, you can have cards printed; if you'd rather send handwritten notes, that's fine, too. An official card is generally worded like the invite:

Mr. and Mrs. John Smith

announce that the marriage of

their daughter

Jane Doe


John Smith

will not take place

Obviously, a personal note should give generally the same information, but should be worded less formally. Reasons for the cancellation, other than a death or illness, need not be mentioned.

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