Wedding Party: Telling Attendants Their Wedding Duties?


I bought three books that tell me "how to be a bride," and they also cover others' roles: the bridesmaids, the mother of the bride, the groom, and more. Is it appropriate to inform these individuals what their traditional wedding roles are so they are not confused? How can I offer this information to my wedding party without sounding ungrateful for their assistance?


A fun and unthreatening way to let people know their duties (or what you expect of them) is to send out a newsletter detailing responsibilities and other wedding planning information. That way, no one will feel as though you're targeting them. You're probably right that most people will find it helpful to have responsibilities spelled out -- they might not know what they're supposed to do, and they may feel weird about asking. A newsletter is a cool way to tell them -- you'll have fun putting it together, too! Be sure to include a huge "Thank You" to everyone early in your newsletter -- people generally respond better to instructions if they feel appreciated.

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