Texas Love Stories

Couples share the sweet stories that led them to "I do."
by Shelby Simon
  1. Jordan & Dan

    Jordan and Dan Texas field engagement shoot

    Jordan & Dan

    Dinosaur Valley, Glen Rose

    Photograph by Feather & Twine

    Dan orchestrated a day where Jordan would relive the past six years of their relationship with all the people (about 85!) involved. Jordan thought she was going to lunch with her best friends, but instead discovered them standing next to a table with a bouquet of flowers, a framed picture, a scrapbook page and a sealed letter with the first of many clues. Her friends took her back to the high school where she met Dan, her sorority house at their university, her old apartment complex, their college ministry church and finally to the couple's favorite date spot -- where Dan was waiting to propose. "I got to retrace the course of our relationship and relive it with all the people who were there for those memories," Jordan says. The ring: Diamond Doctor

  2. Heather & Roman

    Heather and Roman Texas engagement shoot

    Heather & Roman

    Royalty Pecan Farms, Caldwell

    Photograph by Emilie Anne Photography

    Roman proposed the weekend after Heather's birthday on a trip to Austin. "On our way there he was being super-quiet, which is definitely not like him, so I suspected something big was going to happen," Heather says. “My stomach was in knots." While they were walking up to Mount Bonnell, Heather's nerves took over and she tripped and fell. "It was super-embarrassing, but I think it was also a nice stress reliever for him, so I'm glad I could take one for the team." Roman picked out a spot overlooking the lake and the city of Austin at sunset. "The only thing I actually remember him saying is that he loved me very much and couldn't imagine his life without me, and the rest was a complete blur for both of us!" Heather says. “Later, when our friends asked how he proposed, he would joke and say, 'Uhh, you're pretty, here's a ring.' " The ring: Robichau's Jewelers

  3. Dara & Terrence

    Dara and Terrence engagement photo session

    Dara & Terrence

    Spider House, Austin

    Photograph by Aubrey L. Stopa Photography

    Terrence was in Afghanistan for a yearlong contracting job, so the couple decided to meet in Greece for his leave. In Santorini, they found a restaurant with a gorgeous view of the island, sunset and sea. They sat on the patio gazing at the scenery and talking about life and what it would be like when they could finally live in the same city again. "When the sky was pink and getting darker, Terrence got down on one knee," Dara says. "I didn't answer right away because I was so surprised!" Terrence said, "So..." to which Dara excitedly said, "yes!" The ring: Scott Reising Jewelers

  4. Megan & Thomas

    Megan and Thomas engagement photo

    Megan & Thomas

    F.M. Law Park, Houston

    Photograph by Lahra Bryant Photography

    Megan and Thomas met at the University of Texas their sophomore year. Their love grew rapidly -- but they met just a few months before Megan transferred to an art school in Georgia. Not wanting to end something so sweet, they decided to go against the odds and try a long-distance relationship. “Traveling was a significant part of our relationship. Long layovers, delayed flights and countless tears at the airport were the norm for us," Megan says. After almost six years of long-distance, Megan and Thomas moved in together in Houston. A few months later, Thomas planned a date at Cipollina, the restaurant where they had their first date. At the end of the intimate dinner, despite the tall, bar-style seats, Thomas got down on one knee and asked Megan to marry him. With shaking hands, he slipped the ring onto her finger, and it was a perfect fit. “It still feels like we are walking in a dream," Thomas says. “But it's the happiest dream I've ever had." The ring: Roy Wagenheim

  5. Emily & Mason

    Emily and Mason engagement photo shoot

    Emily & Mason

    The Vineyard at Florence, Florence

    Photograph by Mint Photography

    Mason and Emily met in the eighth grade and became a couple their freshman year of high school. For their 10 year anniversary, Mason gave Emily a framed map of the world with pins to put on places they've visited. A month later, Mason told Emily to pack her bags and arrived at her house two hours later. "He told me it was finally time to place the first pin on the map, and when he pinned Venice, Italy, my heart stopped," Emily says. On the day of the proposal, Mason scheduled a romantic gondola ride around the canals of Venice and a private water taxi to take them to San Giorgio Maggiore island where he popped the question. When they arrived back in their hometown, Mason took Emily to his parents' house where all of their closest friends and family came out of hiding for a surprise engagement party. "I was overwhelmed with love and so excited to spend the rest of my life with the boy I have loved since I was 13 years old," Emily says. The ring: Lazar's Diamonds

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