The Best Marriage Proposals of 2007

Find out why these stories top the list for the most memorable marriage proposals of the year.

by The Knot

Ever feel like romance is long gone in today's fast-paced, web-connected world? These thoughtful marriage proposal stories will convince you otherwise.

Deep Devotion

"During our Belize vacation, Aaron and I went scuba diving several times. On our final dive of the trip, Aaron immediately distracted me by having me photograph a school of fish. Meanwhile, the dive master found a white sandy meadow amidst the colorful coral and placed a shell on the bottom of the sea. Then Aaron took the camera from me, found the shell, and pointed to it. 'Fine,' I thought. 'I'll hold it for him.' I just didn't understand what was so special about this seashell, and then he reached forward and spun the opening toward me. 'Oh, shiny!' I thought, and then Aaron pulled out a note written on waterproof paper. It read, 'My Rosielle, I love you from the depths of my heart. Will you marry me?' I couldn't believe it, and I finally nodded, 'Yes, yes, yes!' There was even a ring inside the shell. We kissed through air bubbles and swam off hand in hand."
-- Rosielle, Minneapolis, MN

A Permanent Proposal

"While getting ready for work, [my boyfriend] unexpectedly asked me to close my eyes and hold out my hand to receive my birthday present. He placed his hand in mine, and I could also sense he was lowering himself on his knee. My heart raced and I immediately thought, 'Oh, my God -- he's proposing to me.' But when I opened my eyes, there was no ring, and he was just sitting on the bed. It took me a while to realize it, but I finally noticed he had removed his shirt. And that's when I saw it: He had gotten a tattoo on his chest over his heart, which read, 'Marie, Marry Me?' First I was stunned that he got a tattoo, and then I realized it was a tattoo of my name. He was asking me to marry him with this tattoo! Our friends and family joke that I should get a matching tattoo that says, 'Yes.'"
-- Marie, Chicago, IL

Clear-cut Winner

"This past Halloween, a bunch of friends got together for a barbecue at our friend's house. Toward the end of the night, they told us we were going to have a pumpkin carving contest, boys against girls. Once we were done carving them, my friend told us to go stand at the end of the driveway to see the pumpkins. When the pumpkins lit up, they read: 'Will U Marry Me.' Right then Craig got on his knee and proposed. All I really remember saying was, 'I'm getting engaged in an Afro wig!' It was great!"
-- Alaryce, Overland Park, KS

A Puzzle Worth Solving

"James and I met playing Scrabble on the Internet. On a vacation to Perdido Key, Florida, he insisted that we take a walk on the beach. As we turned a corner to go back up to the pool, in the sand were enlarged Scrabble tiles that were mixed up. I had to unscramble them to figure out that they spelled 'Will you marry me?' Hopefully we'll have a Scrabble groom's cake!"
-- Anonymous

Best Bowl of Cereal Ever

"After having worked two different jobs, I came home late Friday night exhausted. Christopher came over when I got home, and he brought a box of my favorite cereal. I gratefully began to pour some Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch in my bowl, and a note fell out. I started reading my prize and found a sweet poem about our relationship, laden with inside jokes and memories. When I looked up, he was holding a ring, and he asked me to marry him."
-- Brenna, St. Paul, MN

Courtside Surprise

"We went to see the Pistons play (who we love), and during each break of the game, they were doing a giveaway. During the third quarter, when Hooper (the mascot) came out with a basketball signed by the team, I screamed and yelled, made myself look like an idiot, and I won. As the mascot went to hand me the ball, he turned it around, and instead of the players' autographs, there was a proposal written on it. My boyfriend was in the aisle on his knee with the most beautiful ring ever."
-- Anonymous

Life Reflecting Art

"At the Arizona State Fair, we came to the guy that drew caricatures. I told Dan I had always wanted to have it done. He said we should do it. The artist told Dan to sit down and that he would draw his face first. As he was getting drawn, I couldn't help but giggle because it looked so much like him. Once his face was done, the artist told me to come sit down. When he was finished, he told me to get up and take a look. I admired the faces and laughed a little, and then there it was: In the picture of Dan, he was holding a little sign that said, 'Will you marry me?'! Then I turned around and he was kneeling down with tears in his eyes, and I absolutely lost it!"
-- Blythe, Gilbert, AZ

Puppy Love

"My boyfriend asked if I wanted to take a walk on the beach. As we walked I noticed a box in the sand, and when we got closer, I saw there was a puppy crying and trying to get out. I didn't understand why it was there all alone, so my boyfriend told me to check the nametag to see who it may belong to. When I did, the nametag read, 'Will you marry me?' My boyfriend was on his knee with the ring. Of course I said 'yes,' and we now have a puppy! His name is Yebo, which means 'yes' in Zulu."
-- Anonymous

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