The Gifts That Say Thanks


The tone for your wedding is not set by your gown or flowers. Instead, it is set by the love and warmth of your friends and family as they gather to celebrate your marriage. In the flurry of wedding planning, don't forget to thank the people closest to you with a beautiful wedding party favor engraved with a personal message.

The Maid Of Honor

She's shopped for gowns, organized the bridesmaids, volunteered to make wedding favors , and best of all -- she's been your best friend since before you can remember. The gift you give your maid of honor should reflect the starring role she's played in your life. If you decide on wedding classics like jewelry or silver compacts, personalize the gift with her name or perhaps a phrase or joke that's meaningful to your friendship.

The Best Man

From the bachelor party to the toast, the best man has a lot of work to do for your wedding. Don't forget to thank him for all his efforts with a gift that shows how much he means to both of you. Dream up something creative like a day at the golf course, or consider a tried-and-true gift, such as a personalized pocket watch or pen.

The Wedding Party

You have the option of giving each member of your wedding party the same gift, or finding presents to fit different personalities. Traditional bridesmaid gifts include jewelry to wear on the wedding day, silver perfume atomizers, boxes, frames and compacts. For the guys, the classic groomsmen gifts are pens, cigar holders, flasks, lighters and money clips. The bridal party gifts you choose should be personal and selected with thought and care. And remember to pick up a little something for your ring bearer and flower girls.

Parents & Grandparents

Your parents and grandparents have been your biggest fans from the very beginning. No matter who is paying for the wedding, it is customary to present both sets of parents and grandparents with a gift. One idea they are sure to love: A blowup of your engagement portrait in a stunning silver frame.

Helpers & Friends

From your ceremony readers to your guest book attendant, you have singled out several people for important roles in your wedding. You also may have close friends or family who have come a long distance to celebrate your wedding. Along with a mention in your program and perhaps a special toast, consider a thank you gift to show your appreciation. Select mini-lockets or key chains engraved with their initials. The cost won't break your budget, and it's a gesture they'll remember forever.

Gifts To Each Other

With all the surprises you are planning for your friends and family, don't forget the most important person of them all: your fiancé. Some couples choose to be extravagant, while others decide to give tokens that represent their commitment to one another. Whatever your budget or your choice, including a secret engraved message is a beautiful and meaningful touch.

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