The Museum That Has Every Guy Dropping to His Knee…

Photo: Zachary Parker / Featured: The Knot Blog

Zachary Parker

So get this: The Rain Room is an exhibit at New York City's MoMa that's set up to make it look like it's raining on you (it has built-in censors prevent you from getting wet). It's incredibly popular and has apparently turned into a bit of an engagement hot spot after four guys proposed to their girlfriends this past weekend. According to the New York Times, Scott Milam popped the question to his girlfriend of 15 months at the exhibit. He got the idea when he saw photos of the exhibit on Instagram, “I was blown away and went, 'Gosh, I can't make it rain on her wedding day, but I can on the day I propose to her," Scott said. Apparently Scott's girlfriend liked the idea too because she said yes. Love!

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