The One-Week Wedding Countdown

You have seven days to go -- get your gown in perfect conditions with out last-minute fashion checklist.
by The Knot

Just seven days to go before your wedding! Use our mini-timeline to make sure you've got everything covered.

A Week Before...

  • Make arrangements to get your gown restored as soon as possible after the wedding. If you're going directly on your honeymoon, ask Mom or one of your bridesmaids to run this errand for you.

The Day Before...

  • Pack an emergency kit.
  • Remove the cover from your gown and do any necessary pressing or steaming.
  • Scuff the bottoms of your shoes (to avoid wedding wipeouts) and lay out all your accessories.

The Day of...

  • Have a friend or bridesmaid inspect your gown, looking for wrinkles or loose threads.
  • Don a robe or button-down shirt to get your hair and makeup done. (Wear white if possible to get the right color application.)
  • Have someone (Mom, Maid of Honor, anyone!) help you slip into your dress. Cover your face carefully so you don't smudge your makeup. Take your time, and make sure all the things that should be done are. Step into your shoes and collect your bag, shawl or other accessories.
  • Take a long moment for yourself before heading out the door. Turn toward a full-length mirror and revel in how absolutely amazing you look.
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