The Worst Wedding Crashers of the Summer– Cicadas!

by Jamie Miles
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Attention summer brides: If you haven't heard already… it's the season of the cicadas! And they aren't just coming… they're already here! For those of you unfamiliar, cicadas are big creepy insects that sing especially loudly, they shed their skin (eww), and while they aren't intentionally harmful to humans, they may or may not mistake a person's arm for a tree or plant and attempt to feed.

Obviously, these insects could have an impact on your summer wedding plans since cicadas aren't respectful enough to RSVP to a wedding– they just show up uninvited. Our recommendation? Take a look at this map which will tell you where the cicadas have hit so far so you can prepare if cicadas will affect your wedding day.

The good news? Cicada expert Dan Mozgai of gave us tips on how you can prevent these pests from ruining your wedding day. Take note:

1. Have your wedding indoors
This advice may be easier said than done since your ceremony and reception venue should be one of the first things you book when planning your wedding. We aren't suggesting cancel your plans if you are set on having your nuptials outdoors, but if you can avoid overly grassy areas with tons of trees — particularly oaks and maples — you'll most likely avoid the headache these insects could cause. If you have a “rain plan" you could always go with that if it's expected these insects really might infringe on your wedding day.

2. Rent a tent
One thing you definitely want to avoid is cicadas flying at your wedding guests. These winged creatures could land on someone and cause a bit of a stir, so to help prevent this, rent a tent covering to protect you and your guests during the ceremony and reception.

3. Optimize your ceremony and reception music
Not only are cicadas unwelcome guests, but they're also loud (how rude!). Consider this when booking your ceremony or reception music. Your DJ may need to bring along more powerful speakers or, if you're having live music, you may want to consider adding brass instruments, which could tune out the hum of the cicadas. Either way, warn your musicians in advance so they come properly prepared.

4. Keep food covered
There's nothing grosser than finding an insect in your food. If you're having a buffet dinner or presenting the food at different serve-yourself stations, be sure that the food is kept covered constantly. We won't go into detail on this one.

5. Warn wedding guests
You don't want to broadcast that cicadas will be making an appearance at your wedding, but it's not a bad idea to casually spread the word. This is where a day-of wedding planner may come in handy so you can put them in charge of keeping an eye out during your wedding day. If guests start looking a little antsy after spotting a cicada it's okay to tell them not to worry, they're completely harmless.

6. Clean up the space
Before your outdoor wedding you'll want to be sure someone cleans up the space (particularly that ceremony aisle) since cicadas have the tendency to molt and leave their shedded skin behind. Gross, we know, but better to clean it up before than discover it during the ceremony when it's too late to break out the broom.

7. Don't use pesticides
Pesticides may sound like a good idea, but think twice. You'll create a terrible smell, even outside, and your wedding guests may have all sorts of allergies you could set off. Plus, since cicadas are winged it won't stop them from taking flight.

8. Relax
Don't stress! Your wedding day will be perfect and a silly cicada siting won't make or break your special day. Keep in mind (and tell guests this too if they're worried) that cicadas can't do any real harm, they're just an annoyance. Step on the darn things and move on!

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